Amigo Status Challenge - FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions When and where can I register for the online status match activity?

The online status match activity runs between 12:00:01 GMT on 04 November 2019 and ends at 23:59:59 GMT 30 November 2019. Please note that the online form needs to be submitted by 30 November 2019 23:59 GMT at the latest.

Who is eligible to participate in this activity?

This online status match activity is exclusively for customers of the Amigo frequent flyer programme holding an Amigo Diamond or Amigo Gold status on 01 March 2019.

I hold an Amigo Silver card. Can I still participate in this programme?

The activity is not open to holders of an Amigo Silver card.


Can I choose more than one Frequent Flyer Programme to request a status match challenge?

No, only one request choosing only one Frequent Flyer Programme can be submitted through the Online Form.

Can I choose any Frequent Flyer Programme of Star Alliance member carriers to request a status match challenge?

No, you may only request a status match using the Online Form once from one of the 5 participating Frequent Flyer Programmes listed below:

  • Air Canada - Aeroplan®
  • Avianca – LifeMiles
  • Copa Airlines – ConnectMiles
  • TAP Air Portugal - TAP Miles&Go
  • Turkish Airlines - Miles&Smiles


Will there be a challenge I need to complete in order to retain any status granted to me by the participating Frequent Flyer Programme?

Some participating Frequent Flyer Programmes will offer the status match under this Activity subject to you completing a challenge. The terms of the status match, if any, by each FFP are available here.

What should I do to request the status match?

  1. Enrol in the participating Frequent Flyer Programme into which you wish to receive the status match and have your new membership number ready, before you submit your request on the online form. Should you already be a member in that FFP, please use your existing membership number.
  2. Fill in and submit the online form, accepting the Terms & Conditions.

What happens after I submit the request on the online registration site?

If your current Diamond or Gold status is validated, you will receive an automated email to confirm your registration. You will be contacted by the selected Frequent Flyer Programme confirming conferral of the status or the challenge within eight weeks of the submission date. In case the validation is not successful, you may be requested to verify the information provided and to resubmit the request.

When will I start using my Star Alliance Gold benefits?

The new Star Alliance Gold card from your selected Frequent Flyer Programme will be provided according to the terms & conditions of your selected Frequent Flyer Programme.