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Captain Ahmed Adel Presidente y Director Ejecutivo de EGYPTAIR


Captain Ahmed Adel was appointed Chairman & CEO, EGYPTAIR Holding Company in June 2018. He joined EGYPTAIR as a Pilot in 1998 and hence brings with him more than 30 years of aviation experience. Since 2007 he has been an Instructor Pilot and an Examiner on the Airbus A330 and A340, becoming an ECAA certified inspector in October 2012.

As Chairman and CEO of EGYPTAIR HOLDING Company he leads a group of nine subsidiaries, providing a diversified range of services and capabilities, primarily directed at serving flight operations.

During his career journey, Capt. Adel has held a number of administrative and technical positions within EGYPTAIR Holding Company and subsidiaries, which have greatly contributed to EGYPTAIR’s major turnover and enhancing its corporate strategy.

In 2009, he was appointed as GM Flight Training, where he supervised the Development and Innovation of all flight crew members’ training activities. In 2010 he was assigned deputy VP Operations, followed in early 2013 as Vice Chairman EGYPTAIR Express, playing a key role in leading the Regional & Domestic carrier.
In June 2013 he became VP Flight Operations, supervising and managing all flight operations as well as safety and security of inflight operations. He was then promoted to Vice Chairman of EGYPTAIR Holding in 2013, overseeing several high strategic committees and adopting quality improvement in all Group subsidiaries. In addition he liaised with the Egyptian airports to enhance quality of services. Furthermore, Capt. Adel has played an important and vital role in EGYPTAIR”s expansion and modernisation plan.

Captain Adel was EGYPTAIR’s official spokesman till June 2018; and he had chaired the management crisis team of
MS 804 in May 2016.