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Inspirational 9 Sports Hotspots

Sports Hotspots

This one is for all the sports enthusiasts out there! Visit world famous and historical sports venues or simply see the home grounds of your favourite teams.

Adjust the routing and timing to focus on your favourites, or link your trip to a particular tournament. For the horse racing fanatic, there's no greater occasion than the Melbourne Cup. For ice hockey fans, no tour is complete without a stop in Montreal.  

Our routing takes you to similarly significant locations for a wide range of sports. But you can of course adapt it to match your specific interests. Maybe you would like to attend a year’s worth of tennis Grand Slams or Formula 1 races in one Round the World journey?

Or if you want to take part in sports rather than watch others, try your hand at wave jumping, scuba diving, bungee jumping, wingsuit flying or other extreme sports at multiple destinations. It’s your journey and your choice!

Our Sport Hotspots proposal is:

Johannesburg (Rugby) – Melbourne (Tennis/Cricket/Horse Racing) – Queenstown (Extreme Sports) – Dallas (NFL/Rodeo) – Montreal (Ice Hockey) – Rio de Janeiro (Olympic Park) – Madrid (Football)

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