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Inspirational 13 Metropolitan Lifestyle

Metropolitan Lifestyle

Metropolitan as a lifestyle encapsulates how people adapt to civilisation, at the same time conjuring up the buzz, chaos, growth and excitement of a big modern city. But this adaptation process unfolded very differently in different areas of the world, leading to a fascinating diversity of culture and lifestyles. 

Star Alliance’s Metropolitan lifestyle itinerary takes the traveller to destinations which played an important role in each continent's history of development. As a bonus, this itinerary also links the six locations where Star Alliance has its own branded lounge, giving you a special flavour of the host country or city as you say goodbye and fly on to the next destination (Note: standard lounge access rules apply).

Take a look at our Metropolitan round the world journey:            

Rio de Janeiro (Natural) - Sao Paulo (Cosmopolitan in Southern Hemisphere) - Buenos Aires (the Paris of South America) - Los Angeles (Hollywood)  - Nagoya (Mix of Culture and Industrialization) - Paris (The City of Light)

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