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Inspirational 8 Great Hotels

Great hotels

In some world locations, there is one hotel that so perfectly captures the essence of that destination that it is a must see for any visit. Raffles Hotel in Singapore, once a beachfront property but now relegated to an inland location, illustrates beautifully how a country’s past coexists alongside rapid 21st century development. Tokyo’s Park Hyatt reached fame in the movie “Lost in Translation” as the coolest place to be jet-lagged. In Europe, visit the Crillon in Paris or the Armani in Milan for a taste of old-world luxury. In Chicago, wonder at the splendour of the building Potter Palmer constructed as a wedding present for his young bride.

This is a trip for all budgets. Go all out and stay at each one of these sumptuous properties. Or drop in for coffee, lunch or afternoon tea to simply get a feel for the splendour of each location.

Our Great Hotels round the world journey includes:

Milan (Armani) – Delhi (Taj) – Singapore (Raffles) – Hong Kong (Peninsula) – Tokyo (Park Hyatt) – San Diego (Coronado) – Chicago (Palmers) – Paris (Crillon) – Hamburg (Vier Jahreszeiten)

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