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Star Alliance #RTWforYOU Travelling the world as a WORKAHOLIC strengthens your nerves.

Check out the itineraries below and change or add destinations of your own choice for your individual Star Alliance Round the World-trip!

Prices shown are for economy class airfares inclusive of taxes and charges. They have been estimated as at 18 June 2018 and may change by time of booking.

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Workaholics - The Biggest cities of our continents

Fare from 5,477.00 CHF

Workaholics - The wonders of our world

Fare from 4,959.00 CHF

Workaholics - A real treat around the world

Fare from 4,643.00 CHF

Workaholics - Love of nature

Fare from 5,091.00 CHF

Workaholics - Luxurious wellness destinations

Fare from 5,104.00 CHF

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