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Michael Schulz is a Berliner-by-choice since 2003. He studied at the Berlin University of the Arts, holds a Masters of Arts degree, and works as a digital creative.

With the handle Berlinstagram, Michael has been active on Instagram since the app was launched in October 2010. He got drawn into the possibilities of taking and editing photos on a smartphone and then, as his following grew, moved on to regular cameras.  Two years ago, he quit his regular job to focus on Instagram-related activities. He consults brands, works on visual marketing campaigns, and creates content for brand channels and/or his own Instagram account.

Michael's Round the World trip

I went on an architecture-focused Round the World trip routing and chose Budapest in Europe, Singapore and Seoul in Asia, Chicago and Toronto in North America and Buenos Aires in South America.

All these cities offer a mind-blowingly big amount of architecture through all decades. It will be very hard to choose which buildings to visit. Personal spots I am keen to see: Gardens by the Bay in Singapore, Seocho Garak Tower East in Seoul, The Bean in Chicago (of course!), The Bank of London and South America in Buenos Aires.

Be curious which other spots I will visit or discover…

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