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Megan and Mike Jerrard Romantic Journey

Megan and Mike Jerrard are the team behind "Mapping Megan" and "Waking Up Wild. As professional travel bloggers and photojournalists, they have been traveling for the last decade with the mission to bring awareness to world travel, and seek out off-the-beaten-path adventure.

A photojournalist specializing in wildlife, Mike shares his knowledge of the natural world, hoping through his writings and photographs that others will be inspired to experience the incredible beauty this planet has to offer too.

A widely published travel journalist who thrives on adrenaline and adventure travel, Megan has traveled countless countries spanning six continents. When she is not skydiving, climbing the world's tallest peaks, or biking the world's deadliest roads, you can find her blogging about it, sharing everything you need to know to organize similar experiences of your own.

Having accumulated a wealth of first hand travel knowledge, Megan and Mike share their travel secrets to encourage others to get out and see the world themselves.

Megan and Mike's Round the World trip

There is nothing more romantic than traveling to exotic locations with your significant other - though for couples like us who enjoy off-the-beaten-path experiences and adrenaline activities, we have given this romantic itinerary an adventurous spin. The perfect balance of romance and adventure, this itinerary includes the thrill of cage diving with Great White Sharks in South Africa, swimming with Whale Sharks and exploring ancient civilizations in Cancun. We look forward to strolling the canals of Venice hand in hand, and getting lost in the exotic tastes of Istanbul. Imagine a three-day jungle adventure tracking exotic wildlife in Panama, and then passionately dancing the tango in the streets of Buenos Aires. Other destinations on the list include Singapore, Vienna, Barcelona, Auckland and Sydney.

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