Meet Our Gold Status Customers Explore the unique stories of our international frequent flyers

Jorge and Mark Rausch

'Thanks to the reach of Avianca and Star Alliance we can savour everything the world has to offer’

Jorge and Mark Rausch have global roots in their Colombian home: grandparents from Hungary and Poland; both have lived and studied overseas in London, Israel and Canada before returning to Colombia to start their restaurants. The brothers' motto is “The final product can never be better than its raw materials” and their pursuit for the finest ingredients has taken them all over the world.

Wherever their search takes them next, Star Alliance and Avianca are honoured to help them get there.

Ahn Sang-Soo

‘Wherever I travel for inspiration with Asiana Airlines and Star Alliance, my vip status is recognised across the world’s largest network’

Ahn Sang-Soo has been innovating for over 40 years. His unique graphic repertoire spans typography, design, publishing and art direction.

Mr Ahn was the leader of the Korean type revolution. In 1985 he developed the first ever digital “out-of-frame” Hangul typeface that was called Ahn Sang-Soo. Before this, reproducing the Korean alphabet was a difficult, laborious task. Thanks to Mr Ahn, people now find it easier to write and create beautiful things with Korean characters.

Ahn Sang-Soo sparked a creative movement and still inspires artists, writers and designers around the world.

Ramy Ashour

‘Thanks to EGYPTAIR and Star Alliance I can reach every corner of the world’

Nicknamed ‘The Artist’, Ramy Ashour is one of the most technically gifted players ever to play the game of squash.

He won his first major professional title in 2007, and within three years he had reached World No.1 at just 22 years old – the youngest player to do so in 26 years. The 2012/13 season saw Ramy hit his best form, as he went on an impressive run of 49-matches unbeaten across the globe.

Ramy still has ambitions to add to his World title collection. Star Alliance and EGYPTAIR are proud to help him reach the top.

Rubén Blades

‘My life’s work has taken me in many directions, wherever I go next Copa Airlines and Star Alliance will get me there’

Rubén has taken many paths in his life. As a young man he graduated from Harvard with an MA in International law. But his real love was music and in the early 70’s his career took off resulting in 14 Grammy awards. Rubén’s other passion was acting and he’s starred in an array of films and TV series; The Last Fight, Safe House, Predator 2, The Devil’s Own, The Counselor, X-Files and more recently, a main role in Fear of the Walking Dead. To top it all off, Rubén even ran for Panamanian President.

Wherever Rubén’s ambition takes him next, Star Alliance and Copa Airlines are here to help him get there.

Eduardo Kobra

'The most important thing to me when I travel? It’s knowing that there are people looking out for me so I can make that all important connection home'

Kobra has created famous murals across five continents – bringing together different cultures and histories to create a more connected, global world. To celebrate our Connection Service, Kobra has created a beautiful bespoke piece for Star Alliance and United, celebrating the connection that matters most to him – the one with his family. Wherever his art takes him next, Star Alliance and United are honoured in helping him to make his connections on time.