Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Collection and Use of Data

  1. General 

In order to access or request certain functionalities or services available on our website, you may be required to enter information that qualifies as personal data. 

Personal data means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (“Personal Data”). 

Star Alliance Services GmbH (“Star Alliance”) only collects Personal Data to the extent that you provide it to us in relation to specific features on our website, such as our newsletter. 

Personal Data may also be collected by third party service providers through external websites to which we provide a link, as shall be described below. 

In addition, Star Alliance collects information in a form that does not, on its own, permit direct association with a specific natural person, such as but not limited to, language, current location, IP address (to the extent that it cannot be traced back to a specific street address) and user activity on the Star Alliance website (“Non-Personal Data”).  If Star Alliance combines Non-Personal Data with Personal Data, the combined data will be treated as Personal Data for as long as it remains combined. 

Personal Data is not collected for any purpose other than for the purposes stated in this Privacy Policy.  

The means in which your Data – both Personal and Non-Personal – is collected on or through our website, regional websites or linked third party websites shall be described throughout the following sections.


  1. Collection and Use of Personal Data by Star Alliance

Scope and Purpose of Collection

Star Alliance only collects Personal Data in relation to the newsletter feature available on certain regional websites. 

Star Alliance collects Personal Data including your first name, last name, email address and optionally your company name for the purpose of (i) registering your subscription; (ii) providing you, on a regular basis, with selected news articles regarding our Member Carriers; and (iii) sending you, from time to time, special offers made available by our Member Carriers.  

Star Alliance does not use your Personal Data for further processing or for purposes other than those outlined in this Privacy Policy.


By subscribing to our newsletter, you explicitly acknowledge and accept our Privacy Policy and the processing of your Personal Data for the purposes specified in this statement and by the applicable legislation. Star Alliance only stores your Personal Data if you provide it to us by soliciting the above feature.  

You may, at any time, unsubscribe from our newsletter by either (i) clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link in the footer of the newsletters you receive, or (ii) visiting the subscription webpage (, choosing ‘Unsubscribe’ option and filling-in your subscriber information. Your Personal Data will then be automatically deleted from our mailing list and a confirmation email will be immediately sent to you. Alternatively, you may send us an email at with your request. 

Storage period

Because our newsletter is delivered on a continuous and regular basis, your Personal Data shall be stored insofar as necessary for the purposes outlined in this statement, or until otherwise notified by you using the means specified herein (see ‘Consent’ and ‘Your rights’ sections).

Protection, Disclosure and Transfer of Personal Data

Star Alliance shall treat your Personal Data with utmost care and store it securely in accordance with the applicable laws. When your Personal Data is stored by Star Alliance, we use computer systems with limited access housed in facilities using physical security measures. 

Star Alliance does not and will not share your Personal Data with any third party. Your Personal Data will only be available to the limited number of Star Alliance staff administering the newsletter.  

It may be necessary for Star Alliance to disclose your Personal Data for compliance with a legal obligation to which Star Alliance is subject. We may transfer your Personal Data if the transfer is necessary for important reasons of public interest or for the establishment, exercise or defence of legal claims. 

By subscribing to our newsletter, you agree to the handling of your Personal Data as specified above and by the applicable legislation. 

Your Rights

Right to Access, Correct or Delete. You have the right to access your Personal Data by requesting a copy of it using the contact details indicated below. You also have the right to demand its correction or deletion using the same means of communication. Your Personal Data is also automatically deleted if you choose to unsubscribe from our newsletter.

Right to Object. In addition, you have the right to object to the processing of your Personal Data and withdraw your consent to its future processing by contacting us through the means indicated in the ‘Contact Information’ section below. You may also withdraw your consent by unsubscribing from the newsletter. Your Personal Data will then be automatically deleted from our mailing list. 

Complaints. You have the right to lodge a complaint of an alleged infringement of the applicable data protection laws with the supervisory authority of your choice. 


  1. Collection and Use of Personal Data by Third Parties

Several functionalities originating from our website may require you to provide information that qualifies as Personal Data. Such Personal Data is collected by third parties in relation to the services provided by them to our customers. The following shall explain the extent and purposes of such Personal Data collection.

Book & Fly Tool

Our Book & Fly tool is based on the technology of Amadeus SA and tickets are issued by Deutsche Lufthansa AG. By using the Book & Fly tool for booking and purchasing your ticket online, you agree to allow these parties to collect and process the data required for such purchase. Star Alliance does not collect, store or process any of the Personal Data you fill-in using the Book & Fly tool, as your request is redirected from our domain to an external website at the time of booking.  

You can find the abovementioned parties' privacy policies here:

Baggage Tracing

The baggage tracing feature allows you to track mishandled baggage and requires you to enter certain Personal Data (i.e. your name) in order to process your request. By using this feature, you are redirected from our domain to an external website. The Personal Data is then only collected by a third party service provider and not by Star Alliance. 

Flight Tracker

The Personal Data you insert as part of the Flight Tracker feature is collected by OAG Aviation Worldwide Ltd (“OAG”). You may only use this feature by accepting the terms and conditions of OAG, including their privacy statement, as indicated on the Flight Tracker Service webpage.

Star Alliance United Kingdom (Regional Website) – ‘Arrange a Meeting’

This feature requires Personal Data such as your name, email address, telephone number and company name in order to process your request for a meeting with a local representative. The information you fill-in is not collected or stored by Star Alliance but directly sent either to an individual Member Carrier’s representative or to an external contractor acting as our local coordinator.  


  1. Collection and Use of Non-Personal Data by Star Alliance

Website Feedback

When you use the opportunity to share user feedback by clicking on the ‘Website Feedback’ button, please note that no Personal Data is required or should be included in your message. Star Alliance does not collect and will immediately delete any Personal Data that you provide as part of this service.  

Certain Non-Personal Data, such as your IP address, device information, city and language, is collected by default together with your feedback and stored on third party servers. This information is made available to a limited number of Star Alliance staff for analytical purposes. 

Customer Survey

Our customer survey feature only collects the IP address of users for analytical purposes.

Linked Websites

When you access linked websites, please be advised that we do not control the content and are not responsible for the privacy practices of these third party websites. This includes but is not limited to any social media content sharing feature offered on our website (e.g. Round the World itinerary). 

We suggest that you carefully review the privacy policies of each website you visit. This privacy statement does not cover the information practices of those websites linked to the Star Alliance website. Such other websites may send their own cookies to users, collect data, or solicit personal information.


Star Alliance uses cookies on the Star Alliance website to facilitate the provision of   information that you request, save your user preferences and enhance your online experience. In addition, Star Alliance uses cookies to collect information and generate statistics regarding the use of the Star Alliance website.  

Cookies are small text files that are sent and stored on your computer, smartphone or any other device for accessing the internet. The cookie will help the website recognize your device and location the next time you visit the same website.  

The cookies Star Alliance passes to you are anonymous. They do not reveal your personal identity, nor will they follow you throughout your onward visits to other websites, nor do they capture Personal Data. These cookies may be used to identify your device type information, by means of an IP address, in order to establish a user session and allow our server to correctly provide the Star Alliance website users with the appropriate frames and content. Star Alliance provides you with the ability to manage your cookie preferences using the “Recognise me” setting on the Star Alliance website. 

The Star Alliance website uses the cookies described below, some of which may be provided by third parties on our behalf:

Language selected recording cookie (language)

We use this cookie to record the language selected by the user so that the Star Alliance website will be opened in the language that was selected previously by the user.

Last Visited Section (section)

We use this cookie to record the section last visited by the user on the Star Alliance website.

Google Analytics (__utma, __utmz and__utmb)

We use these cookies to record the number of hits to the Star Alliance website, visitor count to the Star Alliance website, number of page views, demographics (language and location), web browser type, operating system, network information, user behavior (new or returning visitors, frequency, recency and engagement), traffic sources, website referral traffic, search engine optimization (queries, landing pages and geographical summary) and social aspects (overview, network referrals, visitor flow, etc.). 

By accepting Google Analytics cookies you agree to allow Google to collect and process the above Non-Personal Data. For more information on how Google is using the cookies, please visit “How Google uses data when you use our partners' sites or apps”.

Book and Fly – (Map Planning Part) ( ItineraryReference)

This cookie contains the list of your recent itineraries that are shown on the Book & Fly welcome page.

Session Tracking (JSESSIONID)

We use this cookie throughout the whole Star Alliance website and mobile Star Alliance website to store the users’ session ID in a cookie instead of the URL. The session ID is used to store inputs made by the user, such as date selections, departure and arrival airports etc.

Usage Tracking – (__utma, __utmb, __utmc and __utmz)

We use this cookie to analyse users’ behaviour, create statistics and recognize usage patterns.

Auto Suggestion (RECENT_AIRPORTS)

This cookie is used to store airport names recently entered by the user. 

Most Internet browsers, smartphones and other web-enabled devices allow users to control the acceptance of cookies through browser settings. You can choose to delete all Star Alliance related cookies from your device at any time if you wish to do so by unchecking the “Recognize me” box in the settings menu available on the Star Alliance website. 

To the extent that we process your Personal Data in relation to Cookies and Google Analytics, our basis for doing so is our legitimate interest in tracking use of our website and improving customers` experience and usability of our website during their limit.

You can find more information about cookies and how to disable your cookies on

Please take time to read our End User Privacy Policy:

  1. Star Alliance App

Not personal data

As the data obtained through the App is anonymized it is not considered personal data. Star GmbH is not in a position to identify individuals through data(sets) obtained through the App.

Rights pertaining to the data

Since we are not able to single out an individual user we are not able to identify, specify, collect, copy, restrict or erase the data obtained through your use of the App.

Information that the App collects:

Location information

The information on your then-current location is collected by the App throughout the time you are using the App.                                                                   

Session information

Information about your use of the App. These parameters include (i) date & time of use, (ii) the period of an individual session, (iii) the use of functionalities during the session.

Device and Network Information

Information about the device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop etc.), its IP address, its screen size and its operating system.

Processing and storing of data:


All data obtained through the App is anonymized and a user cannot be identified based on the information collected by the App or the analytics tools used alongside the App.

Location information

The anonymized location information collected is only kept within the App and is deleted immediately when you close the App.

Who may process the data

The anonymized Session, Device and Network information is processed by analytics tools Fabric and Mixpanel. The anonymized information is thereby accessible to Google (Alphabet Inc.), Mixpanel Inc. and Nagarro Software GmbH (as the App developer). Such (anonymized) data might be processed outside the EEA.

Changes to this Policy

Star Alliance reserves the right to make changes and amendments to its Privacy Policy from time to time. Any material changes in the way we use your information will be posted on this page.  

Any material changes in the way we use your Personal Data will be notified to you via the email address you have provided to us.


Contact Details

If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please contact us by using the following channels: 

Postal Address: 

Star Alliance Services GmbH 
Frankfurt Airport Center 
Main Lobby 
60546 Frankfurt / Main 

Fax number: 

+49 69 936 75-500 

Email Address – Star Alliance Switzerland Newsletter:

Should you have any queries in relation to the Star Alliance Switzerland Newsletter, please contact us at