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Karen Day Professional Gap Year

Karen Day is Editor at Large of Cool Hunting, an award-winning digital platform that covers the latest in design, technology, style, travel, art and culture. Cool Hunting’s original reporting is often driven by the places its writers go and people they meet, which in turn serve as a source of inspiration for designers and innovators around the globe. Through Star Alliance’s Round the World programme, Cool Hunting will bring its filtered view on creativity to some of its favourite cities, as well some previously unexplored, highlighting the world’s most unexpected and exceptional creative hubs.

Karen's Round the World trip

Thanks to social media, the world seems smaller than ever. With the swipe of a finger you can find out which restaurants are popular in Paris, what exhibitions are on in Moscow, what’s fashionable on the streets of Seoul or which beach has the most epic sunsets. While there’s no shortage of digital inspiration these days, there’s still nothing like the timeless art of travel to truly refuel creative energies. As proved by the likes of Homer, Hemingway, Peggy Guggenheim and Anthony Bourdain (to name just a few), tangible exploration is vital for the imagination and intellect. With that in mind, I’m taking a break from the office to discover some of the world’s most inspiring cities. I’ll wander around Tokyo visiting its unique pottery shops and visit a traditional Hammam in Istanbul before cycling around Berlin and sipping my way through Scotland.

Curiosity is in command!

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