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Justin Carmack owns and runs TrueNomads.com, a global travel brand focusing on the world of adventure and scuba-diving. He quit university in 2010 and started wandering the world alone. That was 79 countries, 6 continents and countless adventures ago. Having discovered that scuba diving is his true passion in life, he is now on a mission to explore the top 100 dive sites on Earth. His readers come from all over the globe, particularly the United States, UK and other English-speaking countries.

Justin's Round the World trip

My first stop on this RTW journey is Hawaii! There I will be diving ship wrecks and reef around Honolulu, and possibly with mantas in Kona. From Hawaii I head to Tokyo for a few days of sushi paradise. After Tokyo I make the short hop to Seoul, South Korea, which is a brand new city to me, and one I want to explore.

After Seoul I head to Philippines! Here I will be diving Anilao and Puerto Galera, a underwater photographer’s paradise. After a couple of days rest in Singapore I head to Maldives for even more diving, hopefully in the Baa Atol. Then it’s off to the island of Malta in the Mediterranean to dive the Blue Hole and Azur Window.

Then to Ireland, where I am being taken to a secret dive location in the north, but am assured it is an amazing scuba location. From Ireland I rest for a few days in Toronto, before heading to Aruba for another week of scuba diving, on this island famous for thousands of Turtles.

Needless to say I will have plenty of time underwater, and a camera in hand the whole way! 

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