Frequently Asked Questions

Get fast answers to your questions about Star Alliance and our products including Round the World, Circle and Airpass fares. Please check our FAQs first. If you do not find an answer, you will be guided to our Help Desk.

For inquiries related to your miles/points, your status or to book award flights or upgrades, please contact your Frequent Flyer Programme. If you wish to give feedback about a specific flight experience, please take the shortcut to our member airline's customer service teams.

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How can I find out where lounges are located at different airports?

Our Lounge product on this site provides you with details about all Star Alliance and participating airlines worldwide.

Please also use the Star Alliance Lounge Finder Tool to search for available lounges at your departing airport. You can find this on our website at: http://www.staralliance.com/en/web/staralliance/lounge-finder You may also go to the Airport Information page and select an airport. You will find a map of the airport that shows the location of lounges.

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How can I find out about the facilities at a lounge?

Please use the Star Alliance Lounge Finder Tool to look up the available facilities at a given lounge. : http://www.staralliance.com/en/web/staralliance/lounge-finder

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My guest was denied access. Where can I register my complaint?

If you are a Star Alliance Gold member please direct your concern to the airline of the frequent flyer program you belong to. If you used the lounge based on class of travel please direct your concern to the airline you were travelling with. Remember, your guest also needs to be travelling on a Star Alliance flight departing from the same airport to be allowed access.

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Will I be entitled to bring a guest into the lounge?

Eligible guests: International First, Star Alliance Gold and Eligible Paid Lounge Membership customers are entitled to one guest.
The guest must enter the designated lounge with the eligible customer.
The guest must also present a boarding pass for any Star Alliance flight departing from the local airport.

For more information, please review the Lounge Access Policy page in the benefits section of this site.


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What determines my lounge access – my Star Alliance status level or my flight ticket?

Your access to lounges is usually determined by your flight ticket and class of travel or frequent flyer tier status. Star Alliance Gold frequent flyer card holders are automatically entitled to use Star Alliance Gold lounges when on a Star Alliance flight in any class of travel departing from that local airport. Star Alliance Silver frequent flyer card holders do not have access to Star Alliance Lounges. You must always be departing on a flight operated by a Star Alliance member airline to access a Star Alliance or Star Alliance member airline lounge. You can find further details on our website: http://www.staralliance.com/lounge-access-policy

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How many Star Alliance lounges are there worldwide?

There are over 300 Star Alliance member airline lounges worldwide and many more contract lounges operated by third parties used by our member airlines in various locations. In addition, there are seven dedicated Star Alliance branded lounges located in Rome, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Paris, Nagoya, Los Angeles and Buenos Aires.

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Am I eligible to access all Star Alliance lounges when travelling on a Connecting Partner?

As a Star Alliance Gold customer you have access to Star Alliance Member owned Star Alliance Gold Lounges, Connecting Partner Lounges and third party Contract Lounges contracted by the Connecting Partner when traveling on a Connected Itinerary.