Dear Travellers

A Message From The Three Global Airline Alliances

Dear Travellers,

When it comes to safety and security, airlines (and airline alliances) do not compete. There is but one focus - you!

In the past few days, all three global airline alliances have published information about their members' measures to ensure the safety and well-being of both customers and employees.

In addition, the CEOs of the three alliances wanted to send a clear signal and jointly inform the travelling public about what they can expect along their entire journey in the coming months. In an unprecedented collaborative effort, the global alliances created a simple, charming video that provides a look at some of the measures airlines and airports have taken to support the reopening of the world for travellers.

This short film is also supported by leading industry organizations, many of whom will also run parts of the film of it in their digital channels over the next weeks.

We hope you will enjoy the result of our collaboration and share this message in your personal network.

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Safe travels!

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