Corporate Organiser

Corporate Plus Your all-in-one solution for global business travel

A multinational corporation that regularly flies colleagues around the world needs a simple and cost-effective travel solution. Star Alliance Corporate Plus is your answer: a single contract for all your corporate travel needs. 

If you represent a multinational corporation that regularly flies colleagues around the world, Corporate Plus will simplify your logistics, saving you both money and administration time. That’s why we created Star Alliance Corporate Plus – condensing numerous airline negotiations into just one. This single contract gives you access to over 19000 daily flights operated by 26 member airlines, from 1300 airports in 195 countries. With designated point of contacts, Corporate Plus ensures simplified negotiation process with multiple airlines under just one legal platform.

Your Corporate Plus plan will be tailored to your specific travel needs for wherever you need to fly on the Star Alliance network.

Your company may be eligible for Corporate Plus if it has:

  • A dedicated travel management or procurement function
  • A mandated travel policy
  • The ability to consolidate travel spend and provide the appropriate data
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