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26 member airlines. All committed to keeping you safe.

Watch our latest film, which shows the importance of working together in these times. Every single airline across our network is committed to the same six measures to keep you safe. 



Commitments on Health & Hygiene Safety

As our member airlines began re-starting flying, it became clear from customer feedback that the greatest health and hygiene safety concerns passengers had in deciding to fly once again were centered in the aircraft cabin itself. With this in mind, and as your safety is our priority, all Star Alliance member airlines agreed to a set of commitments designed to protect your safety throughout your flight. These commitments are intended to provide you with the comfort in knowing that, when you are on-board any Star Alliance flight, you will receive consistent health and hygiene safety protocols.


Star Alliance member airlines agree to these six commitments:

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Complimentary hygiene amenities

All airlines are to provide or make available to passengers a care kit or hygiene amenities appropriate for the flight.


Face mask requirements for passengers

We require or recommend passengers wear face masks during boarding and de-boarding, and throughout the flight, unless exempted for medical or age reasons.


Safety signs and announcements

Our member airlines will announce or display signs on mandatory requirements, or recommended etiquette, designed to minimize the risk of spreading coronavirus infections during a flight.

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Personal Protective Equipment for crew

Across the network, our member airlines provide operating crew with adequate Personal Protective Equipment appropriate for the flight.

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Special procedures for passengers developing symptoms

Our member airlines must adopt operating procedures in case a passenger develops or displays symptoms of coronavirus infection during a flight.

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Enhanced aircraft cleaning and disinfection

Every member airline commits to clean or disinfect aircraft at relevant intervals, using procedures and products of appropriate grade to minimize the risk of spreading coronavirus infection.

Commitment Disclaimer

Disclaimer: These commitments are subject to applicable laws and regulations. For further information, please refer to airline websites.