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Book a Round the World ticket Buying a multi-destination ticket has never been simpler

Do you want to travel the world? Are you excited to discover and experience different countries and cultures? Are you looking for the best value for travelling to the world’s top iconic cities? 

The Star Alliance Round the World Fare is your ticket to travel the world. Plan and book your ticket with our online booking tool, alternatively, contact a member airline or your travel agent.

NEW: You can now travel Round the World in just two stopovers.

To book your Circle Pacific trip, please click on the "Circle Pacific" link at the bottom of the page.

Book and Fly ITM

Round the World

Single ticket valid on all Star Alliance members

Journey must start and end in the same country

Follow one global direction (East or West)



Duration of Stay : 3 days to 1 year

Rebooking Fee : Free

Between 2 and 15 stops

Maximum Flight Coupons: 16

4 Easy Steps

1. Select your destinations

2. Choose your flights

3. Enter personal details

4. Click to pay

Visit the FAQs page for help.

Our Online Tool

  • Validates the rules for you
  • Quotes the applicable fares
  • You can drag and drop destinations
  • Available in English, Japanese and German
  • Save, email, print or share your journey                                             




Your Round the World fare qualifies to earn miles and points in your Frequent Flyer Programme. Please refer to that programme's rules for more details.


Your journey should : 

  • Have minimum 2 stops

  • Cross the Atlantic Ocean once

  • Cross the Pacific Ocean once

  • Start and end in the same country