Star Alliance Biometrics Enabling a touchless travel experience at the airport

Biometric technologies are an important element to enhance security, convenience and hygiene by enabling a touchless journey through many checkpoints at an airport.

Star Alliance Biometrics addresses the expectation of passengers for a more touchless and hygienically safe travel experience. 

Enrol only once
Passengers enrol only once and can then use the service with any participating airline at any participating airport. Once registered, they can pass through both security access and boarding gates in a touchless manner- an important health and hygiene safety measure in times of COVID-19. In future, this service will be extended to other airport touchpoints, such as baggage drop and VIP lounges. 

Keep the mask on
In line with the requirement in many airport terminals to wear a mask, it is unnecessary to remove the mask for the identity check. 

Safe and secure
From the outset, Star Alliance has put a strong focus on data security and on putting customers in control of their data: Passengers can select exactly which airlines and airports they allow to access their biometric data. 

Personal data, such as photo and other identification details, are encrypted and safely stored within the platform in compliance with European Data Privacy and Security laws and storage of such data is kept to the absolute minimum – for example, no customer names are stored.

Available now
With immediate effect, the members of the Lufthansa and SWISS Miles & More frequent flyer programme who opt-in to Star Alliance Biometrics can use the service for selected flights from Frankfurt and Munich airports.

How can you participate?
With a few easy steps on their mobile device, Miles & More customers of Lufthansa and SWISS have the option to enrol in Star Alliance Biometrics, accessed via a link within the Lufthansa app. Customers enrolling are asked to take a selfie, verify their identity with their passport, and determine with which airlines and at which airports where they want to use the service.


Update: Star Alliance Biometrics made the news!

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