Apps Privacy Policy

End User Privacy Policy

Please take time to read our End User Privacy Policy:

Rights pertaining to your Personal Data:

Not personal data

As the data obtained through the App is anonymized it is not considered personal data. Star GmbH is not in a position to identify individuals through data(sets) obtained through the App.

Rights pertaining to the data

Since we are not able to single out an individual user we are not able to identify, specify, collect, copy, restrict or erase the data obtained through your use of the App.

Information that the App collects:

Location information

The information on your then-current location is collected by the App throughout the time you are using the App.                                                                   

Session information

Information about your use of the App. These parameters include (i) date & time of use, (ii) the period of an individual session, (iii) the use of functionalities during the session.

Device and Network Information

Information about the device (mobile phone, tablet, laptop etc.), its IP address, its screen size and its operating system.

Processing and storing of data:


All data obtained through the App is anonymized and a user cannot be identified based on the information collected by the App or the analytics tools used alongside the App.

Location information

The anonymized location information collected is only kept within the App and is deleted immediately when you close the App.

Who may process the data

The anonymized Session, Device and Network information is processed by analytics tools Fabric and Mixpanel. The anonymized information is thereby accessible to Google (Alphabet Inc.), Mixpanel Inc. and Mokriya Inc. (as the App developer). Such (anonymized) data might be processed outside the EEA.