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About Star Alliance HQ

About Star Alliance Headquarters

Star Alliance Services GmbH was created in 1997 to manage the Star Alliance network on behalf of its members. 

Today, about 60 people work at Star Alliance headquarters at Frankfurt Airport. It is a truly international workforce, mirroring the reach and multiculturalism of the Alliance, with a team made up of people from over 20 different countries.

The company’s mission is to “Execute leadership in managing a portfolio of alliance products and services using an agreed process”.

Our business is all about connectivity, collaboration and co-ordination – creating and managing the products and services that glue the Alliance together and make the flying experience for our member airlines’ customers as comfortable and seamless as possible. Initiatives such as locating member airlines close together in airports, employing connections teams for smoother transfers, sharing facilities, analysing flight schedules and introducing innovative technology help us achieve this. We leave the on-the-ground and in-the-air business of operating flights to our member airlines.