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Frankfurt am Main - Germany

As far as eating and drinking are concerned, Frankfurt has it all. Here you'll find something to suit every taste, and any pocketbook. Going out for a meal or a drink is not just about satisfying appetites. Frankfurt is a city full of single people, and socializing is high on the agenda at many localities.

Frankfurt's culinary scene has certainly profited from the airport, which links the city to food producers from all over the world. The city's foreign communities have also added a touch of spice to the food, infusing Turkish, Indian, Japanese and other exotic flavors. Local fare, however, is well catered for by numerous restaurants and snack bars, which serve up regional specialties at reasonable prices.

But the absolute highlight for people visiting Frankfurt is a relaxing evening in one of the Ebbelwoikneipen, traditional cider pubs that serve up ceramic mugs full of the local drink, Apfelwein. Be it sweet or dry, cider is the drink of choice in Frankfurt and is best appreciated with an accompaniment of Handkäse, a type of hard cheese mixed with onions, vinegar and oil.

Diesseits Café is a good option for those watching their diet. They are well-known for their salad dressing and fresh, healthy meal options. Be sure to try the signature apple wine with your dinner. Orfeo's Erben is both a restaurant and moviehouse, with an eclectic menu featuring tandoori and a clean, modern décor. The food at Andalucia is distinctly Spanish with large murals adorning the walls. Arche Nova is a three-floor, environmentally friendly restaurant with many whole food and organic options on its menu.

Fine examples include the Zur Schönen Müllerin in Nordend or Friedberger Warte in Bornheim. or Thai Suvadee, you'll be spoilt for choice here. A city full of bankers, financial advisers, lawyers and accountants, makes it difficult to eat cheaply. But there are certain gems where you can wine and dine without breaking the bank. A popular place is Manolya in Nordend.

Strandcafé is popular among students and serves North African cuisine. You'll be able to enjoy many different tea varieties here. The lamb and the Ruccola Soup make a trip to Exil well worth it. There's outdoor seating in the summer months. Armonia is a classic Italian restaurant that serves pizza, pasta and meat dishes. Their wine list encompasses a wide variety of labels. The choices for breakfast at Cardamom are hearty, and include options like goose and salmon.

Frankfurt has a great selection of eateries specializing in regional food and drink. The best and most popular cider pubs are to be found in the district of Sachsenhausen. The Affentorhäuser, for example, is rustic, offers a good value menu, and serves Haspeln and Schäufelchen (both local pork dishes). Their specialty is a stunning fillet of beef, served with—you guessed it—cider! The Apfelweinwirtschaft Wagner is a popular eatery for its food and drink, and easy-going, sociable atmosphere. The only problem with the cider pubs in Sachsenhausen is that they are fairly touristy and can get very full. Other districts have pubs that are just as good, but which are visited predominantly by locals.

Frankfurt is Germany's most multi-cultural city, and you'll find that most places don't water things down to cater to European tastes. Original spices are used, and if you order a curry which claims to be hot, you can bet it'll blow you away! The area around the city's main shopping street, the Zeil, is full of foreign restaurants: be it Greek Omonia, Italian Isoletta , French Bistro Rosa . Frankfurt boasts hundreds of cafés and coffee houses, many of which cater to a particular clientèle or offer specialties. Although the choice is large, certain places do stand out. Or head over to the Café Laumer (with a garden and summer terrace) in Westend.

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