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TAP Portugal is the Portuguese leading airline, member of Star Alliance since March 14, 2005. Its Lisbon hub is a key European gateway at the crossroads of the African, North and South American continents, where TAP stands out as a leading carrier in operation to Brazil, with direct services to 10 different gateways.

In 2011, TAP added 11 new destinations to its network, which translated into a significant expansion in the company’s reach. Progressing on this expansion, TAP is now extending its network to three new European destinations. Thus, the company’s network will comprise 77 domestic and international destinations in 35 countries world-wide in the coming summer 2012, with an even greater range of cities beyond its own system-wide network served by code-share operations with a number of partner airlines all over the world.

All in all, TAP offers customers an extended and highly flexible choice while providing them with the most convenient scheduled flights and easy connectivity onto further distant destinations.

Along with PGA, its regional carrier acquired in 2007, TAP currently offers over 2,250 weekly flights in average, on a modern fleet of 55 Airbus aircraft with another 16 aircraft operating in PGA colours. In the whole, the Company’s current fleet now comprises 71 aircraft.

Quality service to customers is the company’s top priority and as such TAP continuously invests in innovation and new technologies, whose potentialities add to deliver safe, reliable and upgraded product and services tailored to meet customers’ expectations.

Retaining the Portuguese character of the Company’s brand and quality service as the basic concept has been the main driver of TAP strategy in most recent years. TAP keeps abreast with change. The Company redesigned its commercial strategy, completed its medium haul fleet renewal, will take delivery of the new generation A350 XWB aircraft to operate on long haul as of 2014 onwards, repositioned on main markets and is present in Social Network Media.

TAP introduced in recent years a new commercial paradigm with the launch of new fare products aimed at different targets. Those were developed to meet customers’ different motivations and needs, including, altogether, a varied offer of features and services ranging from the best promotional prices to the best Business class service.

Launched a few years ago, those were meant to add more quality and flexibility to services offered to travellers along with a wider choice, a new focus on price and the strengthening of the Company’s transparency in communicating with the travelling public.

Therefore and in line with an orientation whose top priority is customers and living up to their expectations, TAP pursued its work, developing and upgrading the services and benefits extended to Customers, namely the premium passengers, with more personalized assistance service (when travelling from / to Lisbon airport) with new dedicated check-in facilities and a Premium Customer Centre in place ready to assist premium Customers in every need as well as a highly modern and sophisticated Premium Lounge available at Lisbon Hub.

The medium haul fleet renewal programme was completed a couple of years ago with success and on target. With such new A320-214’s in operation, considerable advantages in the quality of service and comfort offered to Customers on board were brought in, also enhancing the company’s environmental efficiency in eight per cent annually and adding to increased operations reliability.

In addition, the company’s four Airbus A340 fleet, operating on long-haul, are currently undergoing an interior cabin upgrade program, including new seating with enhanced in-flight entertainment systems.

During 2010, the consolidation of TAP’s repositioning on some of its main markets, such as Africa and Brazil in South America, has been part of TAP efforts to pursue sustainable growth, in adapting to the change in the marketplace as a whole, while increasing traffic figures and improving load factors in its system-wide Network at the same time.

In 2011, and making the best of the existing opportunities, TAP has launched 11 new destinations: Athens, Bordeaux, Dusseldorf, Manchester, Vienna and Dubrovnik, in Europe; Accra, Bamako and Sao Vicente, in Africa; Miami in the USA and Porto Alegre in Brazil. With these new destinations introduced, TAP took an important step further towards the strengthening of its strategy in all Continents currently served: Europe, Africa, North and South America.

With these new destinations introduced, TAP took an important step further towards the strengthening of its strategy in all Continents currently served: Europe, Africa, North and South America.

Currently and pursuing this strategy in 2012, TAP is adding three new European destinations in Europe: Berlin, Germany; Turin, Italy and Bucharest, Romania in the coming summer, while also increasing frequencies to a number of other destinations, which results into the reinforcement of its positioning within Europe. In South America, TAP was able to reaffirm its leading positioning in the operations to Brazil. With the addition of its 10th destination – Porto Alegre – last year, the company currently operates 74 weekly direct frequencies in average from Lisbon and Porto.

In parallel, the company has consistently reinforced its privileged positioning in Africa as well, now serving 13 destinations in this Continent with 70 weekly frequencies in the whole.

Moving onto new paths and adopting the new tendencies and tools in communicating closer and more easily with Customers, TAP launched, a couple of years ago, its own pages in Facebook and Twitter along with its Youtube branded channel – www.youtube.com/tap. Recent developments have been quite significant and worthwhile of mention.

Always focussing on delivering its promise to customers, TAP has refurbished and renovated its website, now offering a new, faster and simpler site – www.flytap.com – which is friendly user, more intuitive and even more functional. In addition to all the functionalities previously available, customers can now access a lot more comprehensive and diversified information, easing their consultation and travel planning while allowing them a much better experience.

In 2011, TAP launched a new iPad application offering customers all the functionalities available for iPhone, such as information on reservations, flight departure and arrival schedules, registration in the Victoria Program and access to miles accounts (claim and redeem miles allowed) as well as an improved and more friendly user navigation, availability of promotions with immediate directing to available seats at lower prices and also a City guide with full information on destinations. More recently, TAP extended the mobile check-in facility to the majority of its European stations now covering more than 30 destinations. This functionality is available on all IOS Apple equipments (iPhone / iPod Touch and iPad) as well as on Android ones and can be easily accessed through TAP Mobile Portal(http://mobile.flytap.com/) and TAP applications available for free download at App. Store and Google Play.

In line with the industry best practices, TAP will soon become one of the first European airlines to offer in-flight Wi-Fi connectivity on transatlantic routes between Europe and both North and South America operated in Airbus A330 aircraft due to be launched as of May 2012.

Highlights on recent awards

Awarded in 2007, at the WTM (World Travel Market) in the U.K., in recognition for its highly valuable contribution to the development of the Tourism industry in Portugal, TAP has more recently won several awards and accolades, amongst which the following are highlighted.

Recognized and awarded as the World’s Leading Airline to Africa by the World Travel Awards in 2011, TAP was also awarded the WTA World’s Leading Airline to South America in 2009, 2010 and 2011.

The company was also honored by UNESCO and by the International Union of Geological Sciences with the IYPE “Planet Earth Award 2010”, in the category of “Most Innovative Sustainable Product”, in recognition for the achievements of its Carbon Offset Program, the first one launched worldwide in partnership with IATA (2009). Voted Best Airline in Europe by the Global Traveller, USA, in Dec. 2011, TAP was also awarded as Best Airline by Condé Nast Traveller Magazine in April 2010. Voted the 3rd Best Airline in South Europe by Skytrax, TAP was also awarded, seven years in a row, as Best Airline by the Portuguese specialised trade newspaper Publituris.

For more information, go to www.flytap.com and follow TAP on.

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