World Food

Travel the world to appreciate its cultural diversity and savour its many flavours.

Our itinerary lets you experience a wide range of foods, from kebabs and Turkish delight in Istanbul to the “Galbi” barbecued ribs of Seoul and the southern American cuisine of Houston. Choose whether to enjoy your food journey in acclaimed gourmet eateries or by exploring local street food culture.

Our round the world food journey takes you to:

Lyon (Saucisson de Lyon) – Istanbul (Kebab, Turkish Delight) – Delhi (Paratha) – Seoul (Galbi) – Hong Kong (Beef Brisket) – Taipei (Xiaolongbao) – Osaka (Kobe beef) – Honolulu (Lomi Lomi salmon) – Houston (Southern Cuisine) – New York (Global Fusion)

See how an international food blogger tweaked this itinerary.

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