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Tokyo - Japan

Most major four-star and five-star hotels are located conveniently within walking distance of Tokyo's major commercial and business centers, as well as most other places of interest around the city, such as the Ginza, Akasaka-mitsuke, Shinagawa, Ebisu, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Roppongi. Some of these hotels are locally-owned, others belong to global hotel chains, but all provide the highest standards of international hotel service. Rooms are usually smaller than in other cities, since space is at a premium in Tokyo, but you can be sure your stay will be a very comfortable and pleasant one. Most of the staff speak English and provide service with that unique Japanese attention to detail.

Take in some serious 70s kitsch at the Hotel Alcyone, a reasonably priced and comfortable hotel that has preserved all of its gaudy décor from this era. Check out the nearby Kabuki-za theater for some interesting entertainment. For the traveler on a budget, one hotel that won't cost you much is the Tokyo Hotel Urashima, and since it's located right in the middle of the Ginza shopping oasis, you'll have plenty of places to spend the money you saved on your bill. Also close to many shops and restaurants is the Ginza Nikko Hotel, which is slightly more expensive but definitely doable if you're on a budget.

It's good to be based in this district if you have partying in mind; you'll find a ton of trouble in Roppongi. Hotel Okura ranks among the top ten hotels in the world. You certainly get the best here: a choice of deluxe rooms, a salon, spa, photo studio, and even a dentist, while the Roppongi Prince Hotel, with its iconic wishbone-shaped pool offers a quiet place to escape the hustle and bustle right in the heart of this fast-paced district. Another option, the Hotel Ibis, is a more reasonably-priced place to stay, and just as relaxing as its more upscale counterparts.

The modern and very plush Hotel New Otani has a rooftop rose garden and a museum that is free to all guests, but for those who don't quite have the budget for such luxuries, not to worry; budget hotels do exist in Tokyo. Try the Asia Center of Japan. Rooms come with a bath or without, and there is an in-house cafeteria dining hall that serves up cheap, tasty eats. Another less expensive option, the Toshi Center Hotel, is set up to accommodate business travelers, offering conference rooms and banquet halls, but the rooms are comfortable as well, and a few dining options available.

The world's busiest train station is located in this district, along with the various businesses that comprise Tokyo's major commercial center. The Hotel Kent is situated close to many bars, restaurants and large arcades, perfect if you're in the mood to stay out all night. The English-speaking staff at Star Hotel Tokyo give guests all the basics to ensure that their stay is easy and comfortable. Looking for accommodations that are as lavish as they are conveniently located?  Then check-in to the Park Hyatt Tokyo or the Hilton Tokyo, both of which are sure to exceed your expectations for service and amenities.

Several large department stores selling everything from cosmetics and hosiery to electronics and video games can be found amongst the bright, neon lights of this district, and with the popular Sunshine City close by, why wouldn't you want to find a hotel in Ikebukuro? The moderately-priced Ark Hotel Tokyo provides guests with Western-style accommodations and a friendly, English-speaking staff, while Hotel Grand City is an even less-expensive option for those looking to be close to Sunshine City. The Kimi Ryokan has rooms with tatami mats, if you're looking for a stay with traditional atmosphere, but be sure to book in advance, as rooms at this inexpensive inn sellout quickly during peak tourist seasons.

This is also a popular spot among travelers looking to stay close to Roppongi and Shibuya. Named for the Yebisu brand ale created by the Japan Beer Brewery, today you can visit the Yebisu Garden Place, which houses a free museum dedicated to the history of the Brewery. Nearby, the Japanese-style rooms of the Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo offer a nice change from the ordinary, or try the beautiful, 30s-era Gajoen Kanko Hotel, which offers traditional, stylish rooms and top-notch service.

Moderately-priced hotels in this area include the Shinagawa Prince Hotel, which has a pool, karaoke bar and an in-hotel cinema, as well as its own Aqua Stadium, which has aquariums, dolphin shows and even a roller coaster. Quite an amount of amenities for the price! Budget travelers with a taste for an authentic Japanese ryokan experience can check-in to the conveniently-located Ryokan Sansuiso, while high-end afficianados should look to the Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo Seafort, a friendly hotel that offers views of Tokyo Bay and a choice of three restaurants, all with large bay windows and lovely, modern decor.

Kanda/ Ochanomizu
The Sakura Hotel or the New Central Hotel are good for those looking for very inexpensive accommodations. Somewhat spartan, with shared bathrooms (bring your own towel) and cramped quarters, these lodgings makes up for their lack of amenities by often being as cheerful as they are cheap. Friendly and homey, their eclectic common rooms are the melting pot for countless travelers from around the world. The Hotel Juraku is another no-frills option.

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