Frequently Asked Questions


1. Which Star Alliance Frequent Flyer Programmes (FFPs) are participating?

There are 21 FFPs under the Star Alliance umbrella, run by our member airlines. All 21 FFPs are participating in the competition. For a full list, please refer to question 4 (below).

2. Will any FFP offer a prize other than miles or points, and what is the exact prize to be offered by each FFP?

20 out of the 21 participating FFPs are offering miles (or an equivalent metric). SAS’s EuroBonus Programme is offering flight tickets instead of miles (or an equivalent metric). Please refer to the table at the end of this page specifying which prize is available under each FFP.

3. My FFP doesn’t use miles, but a different currency (e.g. points, kilometres or dollars). Will I win a different prize instead?

Some FFPs will offer an alternative metric to the million miles, e.g. one million points, or a comparable prize instead. See the table in response to question 2 for further details.

4. Will the million miles count towards my FFP status tier? 

Any miles (or equivalent metric) to be awarded as a prize under this competition will be given in the form of award miles (or equivalent metric), and not as status miles (or equivalent metric). Therefore, no increased status benefits are linked with any prize.  

5. If I win the million mile prize from my FFP, can I redeem the miles for flight awards on other Star Alliance member airlines?

Yes, like with any other award miles, you may use your miles (or equivalent metric) for travel awards on any of the Star Alliance airlines, but subject to the respective booking processes, redemption rules, availability and terms and conditions of the individual FFP, any applicable travel requirements/laws and/or any conditions of carriage. Always consult the terms and conditions, procedures and rules of your individual FFP.

6. Can I use my prize for items other than member airline flights?

You may, but only subject to the respective booking processes, redemption rules, availability and terms and conditions of the individual FFP. Always consult the terms and conditions, procedures and rules of the awarding FFP.


1. How many winners will there be in this competition?

One winner will be declared from each FFP, so a total of 21 winners. Hence: You will actually be competing against those entrants who joined the competition under the same FFP as you. 

2. Where can I register to become a member of an FFP? 

Go to and select which of the 21 Frequent Flyer Programmes you wish to register for and subsequently enter the competition with. Alternatively, you can visit the member airlines FFP website to register directly.

3. What if I’m already a member of multiple Star Alliance FFPs – can I enter in each of them?   

You may only register for the competition once, using only one FFP account and valid email address, as well as your full name.

4. I already entered but am not happy with my entry. Can I cancel my entry and upload a new one instead?

You may only register for the competition once. Equally, you may only submit your materials once. No subsequent changes are allowed. Those entrants whose materials did not meet our moderation requirements will receive an email and will be allowed to submit their materials anew.

5. How will winners be selected?

Winners will only be selected from entries that meet the moderation criteria (Please refer to the Moderation Criteria section of our Terms & Conditions and are therefore published in our online map. One winner will be selected from each FFP. Selection will be based on the assessment of entries against the judging criteria (see question below) among the pool of entries submitted under each FFP. See Terms & Conditions for winner confirmation process.

6. When will winners be announced and when will the prizes be credited?

Winners will be announced on this competition website on September 28th, 2017 at 00:01 UTC. The prizes will be credited and/or be available for use within four weeks of the winner announcement date. 

Entry Materials

1. Should I upload a selfie or a portrait of myself?

Either a selfie or a portrait will work well in the tool. Just ensure the photos are taken against a plain, ideally white, background with no patterns.

2. Should I submit the photos in a particular size or format?

Ideally the photos should be submitted in high-resolution wherever possible and in the same file format, e.g. jpg. In addition, please ensure that both your portrait and your cultural experience photo are in the same orientation, e.g. both in landscape or both in portrait

3. What kinds of ‘cultural experiences’ are you looking for exactly?

A cultural experience is your personal interaction with practices, habits, traditions and customs of the place you have visited, and the impact they had on you and your perception of them.

4. Do I have to submit my entry in English or can I write it in my native language?

The competition is offered in English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin) or Chinese (Traditional). You may submit your entry in any one of these languages, using the ‘settings’ button on the top right corner of the website to change your language preferences as needed. Keep in mind that the top five entries from each FFP will be translated into English, if necessary, for final judging.

5. Are there any specific restrictions on what kinds of photos can be entered?

Yes. Please refer to the Moderation Criteria section of our Terms & Conditions

6. How will entries be judged?

Entries will be judged taking into account the following considerations:

  1. How good was the visual quality of the image submitted?
  2. How effectively did the entire entry (text + visual) accentuate and bring forward the special and unique attributes of a cultural experience and the connection of people and cultures?
  3. How original and creative were the submitted materials?

Please refer to the Terms & Conditions for further information.

7. I have a great cultural experience photo but my friend or family member is also in the picture. Can I still submit this picture? 

Yes, as long as your friend or family member gives you permission to submit the photo for this competition and it adheres to our moderation criteria.

8. What will happen to my entry after I submit it?

Your materials will be reviewed for compliance with our moderation criteria (see question 5 above), and, if compliant, will appear along with your first name on our online map -- featuring the entries of other contestants. 

Technical Questions

1. I’m unsure what my merged photo will look like. Will I have a chance to review it and/or change it before it gets entered?

Yes, you will have three options to choose from before you submit your entry. You can also cancel and start again if you are unhappy with the results.

2. I submitted my entry a few days ago but can’t find my photo on the map. Does this mean my entry was disqualified?

Your entry is likely still in the moderation process. All entrants will receive an email confirming whether or not their entry has been accepted and published in the map. If your entry does not meet the moderation criteria, you will be notified in any case by email. But don’t worry, if your entry doesn’t meet the moderation criteria, you will still get another chance to submit an entry.

3. I have a technical problem that is stopping me from entering. What’s the helpline number?

You can email us at for support.

Eligible FFP
(Star Alliance Member Carrier)

(Unit and Metric)

(Air Canada)

1,000,000 Miles

(Air New Zealand)

20,000 Airpoints Dollars™

(Avianca Brazil)

1,000,000 Points

Asiana Club
(Asiana Airlines)

1,000,000 Miles

Connect Miles
(Copa Airlines)

1,000,000 Miles


1,000,000 Miles

(SAS Scandinavian Airlines)

 4 SAS Round The World Business Class Tickets  

Flying Returns
(Air India)

1,000,000 FR Points

Infinity MileageLands
(EVA Air)

1,000,000 Miles

(Singapore Airlines)

1,000,000 Miles


1,000,000 Miles

ANA Mileage Club

1,000,000 Miles

(United Airlines)

1,000,000 Miles

Miles + Bonus
(Aegean Airlines)

1,000,000 Miles

Miles & More
(Adria Airways, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Croatia Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS)

1,000,000 Miles

Miles & Smiles
(Turkish Airlines)

1,000,000 Miles

Phoenix Miles
(Air China, Shenzhen Airlines)

1,000,000 Kilometers

Royal Orchid Plus
(Thai Airways)

1,000,000 Miles

(Ethiopian Airlines)

1,000,000 Miles

(TAP Portugal)

1,000,000 Miles

SAA Voyager
(South African Airways)

1,000,000 Miles