Scandinavian Airlines

SAS Scandinavian Airlines is Northern Europe’s leading airline with more than 800 daily flights to 119 destinations in Scandinavia, Europe, the U.S. and Asia.
Along with an extensive loyalty program, EuroBonus, SAS offers a wide range of innovative travel solutions in order to make customers’ travel as time efficient and smooth as possible. SAS wants to make life easier for Scandinavia’s frequent travelers and has the intention to be one of the leading players in the airline industry in the area of business and product innovation and environmental adaptation of operations.

Facts & Figures

May 1997 Joined Star Alliance

119 Airports Served

805 Daily Departures

152 Aircraft

Rickard Gustafson Member of SAS Group Management, President and CEO

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Rickard Gustafson Member of SAS Group Management, President and CEO

Rickard Gustafson joined the SAS Group on February 1st, 2011 as President and CEO.

Rickard Gustafson has a Master in Industrial Engineering and Management from Linköping Institute of Technology, Sweden. In 1989 Rickard joined Andersen Consulting with a primary focus within the financial services and consumer products industries. After seven years in the consulting business he decided in 1996 to join GE Capital in Stockholm. During his 10 years within GE, Rickard gained solid experiences from several senior GE Capital leadership positions, both in Europe and the US.

In early 2006 he left GE to join the Codan insurance group, where he was the group CEO up until joining the SAS Group in February 2011.

Rickard Gustafson was born in 1964 in Stockholm. He is married to Christina and they have two sons. The family lives outside Stockholm.

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Full Facts & Figures

Joined Star Alliance May 1997
Airports Served 119
Daily Departures 805
Aircraft 152
Frequent Flyer Programme EuroBonus
Passengers Annually 28.1 m
Countries Served 35
Hub Airport(s) Copenhagen, Oslo, Stockholm
Revenue Passenger KM 33.8 bn
Sales Revenue (in US$) 5.70 BUSD
Employees 11,288
Aircraft Types A340-300, A330-300, A319, A320, A321, B737-600/700/800, Bombardier CRJ900, ATR-72 and SAAB 2000
Updated As Of Nov 2016