Connecting Cultures By Robert Reid

For our 20th Anniversary, we challenged National Geographic's Digital Nomad, Robert Reid to take on five unique cultural experiences – from horse riding above the clouds to building himself a home in -50°C, all selected by our five founding member airlines. Watch his adventures here.

Moved by Robert Reid's cultural experiences around the world, we created an itinerary inspired by his journey.

Tokyo - Bangkok - London - Tbilisi - Stockholm - Albuquerque - Montreal - Tokyo

Stroll around in the charming city of Stockholm, visit on horseback Ushguli, Georgia, one of the highest villages in Europe, explore the floating markets in Bangkok, spend a night in the Arctic near Montreal, get immersed into Native American culture in New Mexico, and watch a Sumo wrestling match in Tokyo.  

If you were also inspired by Robert Reid's adventures, view the Round the World itinerary based on his journey. 

Experience multiple adventures in one flexible journey. Which cultural experiences are on your bucket list?

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