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Q. What is SMS?

A. SMS (Short Messaging Service) allows communication by text between mobile phones and information providers. SMS messages are often limited to 160 characters per message.

Q. Will the service work on any mobile phone?

A. This service will work on any mobile/cell phone, smart phone or wireless PDA that can receive SMS text messages. For further information on how to use SMS / Text Messaging on your mobile, please refer to your handset manual or contact your network provider.

Q. Who can subscribe to the service?

A. Any individual who has a handset registered.

Q. In which countries can I receive messages?

A. You can receive messages in all countries where there is a local GSM network that has a “roaming” agreement with your home network.

Q. Does this mean I can subscribe to this service whilst in another country?

A. Yes, it does.

Q. When will I receive the first status message?

A. The first status message will be sent to you 4 hours before the flights scheduled departure or arrival time, dependent on whether the departures or arrivals service has been selected.

Q. How many messages will I receive?

A. This depends on the length of delay that you may experience. We would automatically send out a status message to you for every +/- 20 minute delay that occurs. The number of messages sent is not capped.

Q. How do I pay for the service?

A. The service is free of charge until further notice. Costs arise only if your provider charges for incoming SMS messages.

Q. Can alerts be sent to more than one phone?

A. Yes. You can register multiple mobile numbers when you subscribe via the registration page. Where you register a meeter/greeter, etc. to the service, they will be sent a message requesting them to opt-in to activate the service.

Q. Can I opt-out of receiving further messages?

A. Yes, you always have the option to opt-out of the service. Details will be provided in the “welcome” message.

Q. How do I opt-out of receiving further messages?

A. Send an SMS message stating “STOP” to +447797800747.

Q. If I realize I have entered the incorrect flight number after receiving a status alert message, will I be charged?

A. No, only if your provider charges for incoming SMS messages.

Q. How quickly will messages be sent?

A. Messages will be sent within 20 seconds of the status update occurring.

Q. Why am I not receiving any status messages?

A. The service will not operate if your mobile is switched off, if there is no signal or space on your mobile to receive more messages.
Pay-As-You-Go/Pre-Pay users should ensure that they have sufficient credit to receive messages. Some company-issued mobile phones may block Premium SMS services, so please check with your employers first.
If you have received an initial status message and there are no additional changes to the scheduled departure/arrival time, you will not receive any further status messages.

Q. What happens if I’m notified of a delay but the airline boards passengers anyway?

A. Normal check-in procedures will always apply, so even if there is a significant flight departure delay, passengers should still check-in as if the flight were on schedule. Clearly, this would not apply if a flight is cancelled.

Q. How can I contact you about the SMS service?

A. You can contact us via support@oag.com

Q. Where does the flight information come from?

A. The flight information is acquired from a variety of sources including global Distribution Systems (GDS), individual airlines and Air Traffic Control.

Q. Which airlines are supported by the service?

A. All Star Alliance member airlines, with the exception of our regional members, i.e. Blue1, Croatia Airlines and Adria Airways.

Downloadable timetable

Q. I am having problems downloading the timetable from this website. Who do I contact for help?

A. Please send an e-mail to help@startimetable.com

Q. What date format does the timetable use?

A. Currently, the date is in European format - day/month/year.

Q. Which applications are compatible with the downloadable timetable?

A. Currently, you can download the Star Alliance timetable onto any PC, Pocket PC or any Palm-OS application.

Q. Is it possible to download the Star Alliance Timetable onto a non PalmOS application?

A. No. Currently the Star Alliance Electronic Timetable only works on the Palm Platform and Personal Computers. Alternatives are being investigated at this time for other applications.

Q. How often is the timetable updated?

A. The timetable is updated on a monthly basis.

Q. How do I update the timetable on my PC or Palm-OS PDA?

A. Every time your PC or PDA is synchronized, any updates to the timetable will be automatically performed.

Q. How can I tell how many miles or points I will earn on a flight?

A. When you have entered in the flight you wish to take, click on the flight number for specific flight information. The distance is featured on the additional information display.

Q. Can I access Star Alliance flight information if my mobile phone, PDA or Blackberry is Internet enabled?

A. If your mobile phone, PDA or Blackberry is Internet enabled you can access Star Alliance flight information if your service plan includes Internet access. Access also requires network coverage by your mobile service provider at your location.

Q. I'm not receiving any Star Alliance flight information on my mobile.

A. First see if you can access other websites with your phone or MiniBrowser. If not, you may be out of the service coverage area.

Q. What is a minibrowser?

A. A minibrowser is a browser on your phone, PocketPC, Palm, or Blackberry. The Star Alliance MiniBrowser is optimized to your phone or PDA screen size.

  • Adria Airways
  • Aegean Airlines
  • Air Canada
  • Air China
  • Air New Zealand
  • ANA
  • Asiana Airlines
  • Austrian
  • avianca
  • Brussels Airlines
  • copa Airlines
  • Croatia Airlines
  • Ethiopian Airlines
  • EVA Air
  • LOT Polish Airlines
  • Lufthansa
  • Scandinavian Airlines
  • Shenzhen Airlines
  • Singapore Airlines
  • South African Airways
  • TAP Portugal
  • THAI
  • Turkish Airlines
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