How to Book Round the World ticket?

Do you want to travel the world? Are you excited to discover and experience different countries and cultures? Are you looking for cheapest price to travel to the world’s most exciting cities? Do you want to become a travel expert in planning your journey around the globe? How to build an ultimate journey to suit your budget? Where can you find the best round the world deals in First Class, Business Class and Premium Economy?

The Star Alliance Book and Fly tool allows you to plan and book tickets for your dream Round the World or Circle Pacific trip. The interactive online tool will guide you on the fare rules, lets you save proposed itineraries and, when you are happy with your itinerary, gives you a price for the journey based on the length of your trip, number of stopovers, routing and class of service, and allows you to book it online.

To book your Circle Pacific trip, please click on the “Circle Pacific” tile below.