Asia Airpass Terms and Conditions

  1. Flight Applicability

    1.1 The Star Alliance Asia Airpass is designed for Economy class trips through Asia via the services of Air China (CA), Air India (AI), Ethiopian Airlines (ET), EVA AIR (BR), Lufthansa (LH), ANA (NH), Turkish Airlines (TK), Asiana Airlines (OZ), Singapore Airlines (SQ), Shenzhen Airlines (ZH), THAI (TG) and United (UA). All the participating carriers mentioned above have the right to exclude single flights from the Star Alliance Asia Airpass. Furthermore they can limit the number of passengers travelling with a Star Alliance Asia Airpass on any given flight.

    1.2 The Airpass is available to residents of a country outside Asia when purchased in connection with any Star Alliance intercontinental ticket for travel to/via Asia.

    1.3 The Airpass can be bought in combination with Star Alliance redemption programme tickets. All flights of the Star Alliance Asia Airpass will accrue miles to the passengers nominated Star Alliance Frequent Flyer Programme, depending on the rules of your chosen Frequent Flyer Programme.

  2. Fare Calculation

    2.1 The total airfare is determined by the mileage per coupon plus applicable fees, taxes and surcharges.

    2.2 Children between the ages of 2-11 years pay 75% and infants under 2 years not occupying a seat pay 10% of the applicable adult fare. If an infant turns 2 years during the journey, the children fare will be applied for the entire journey and a separate seat will be provided. Children and infants must be accompanied on all sectors by a Star Alliance Asia Airpass adult passenger. Unaccompanied children or infants are not accepted.

  3. Planning the route

    3.1 There is no minimum stay required for your trip. It may last up to 3 months from the beginning of your travel on the first Airpass coupon to completion of travel on the last Airpass coupon.

    3.2 Two stopovers are required. A stopover is a stay of more than 24 hours in the same city. A stopover is limited to one per city. Any city may be transited additional times for the purpose of making transfer connections requiring less than 24 hours.

    3.3 Individual sectors may not be travelled more than once in each direction.

    3.4 Surface sectors in-between are allowed at your own expense. If such break in itinerary exceeds 24 hours it is considered as one stopover.

    3.5 The Star Alliance Asia Airpass consists of 3 to 10 flight coupons. Changing flights at a transfer/connecting point requires an additional coupon.

  4. The Ticket and Advance Reservations

    4.1 The Star Alliance Asia Airpass may be issued worldwide. You can purchase your Star Alliance Asia Airpass at your local travel agent or at any Star Alliance member airline reservation center. You may alternatively use the online Star Alliance Asia Airpass Calculator to plan your desired trip.

    4.2 The Asia Airpass must be confirmed on the first flight segment at the time of ticketing. The rest may be left open.

    4.3 At the time of ticket purchase you must present a proof of permanent residence and your intercontinental ticket.

    4.4 The Star Alliance Asia Airpass has to be issued separately from your intercontinental ticket.

  5. Change of plans

    5.1 Rebooking is permitted without penalty.

    5.2 In case of a rerouting in addition to a fee of USD 75 any additional collection required due to fare recalculation will be charged. Provided the new route results in a lower fare, refund applies.

  6. Cancellation & Refunds

    6.1 Before departure: If a ticket is totally unused, it will be refunded with the deduction of a cancellation charge of USD 75 per person. This rule is applicable for adults, children and infants.

    6.2 In case of a cancellation of the totally unused international ticket, the Star Alliance Asia Airpass must be surrendered for refund.

    6.3 After departure: The refund will be the difference between the fare paid and the applicable normal economy one way fare for transportation with the deduction of a cancellation charge of USD 75 per person.

  7. Baggage

    7.1 The Baggage Allowance is the same as for the intercontinental ticket to which the Airpass is connected. In case of a multi-airline ticket, the more restrictive rules shall apply.

    7.2 For excess baggage charges, please contact the Star Alliance member airline concerned.

  8. Terms & Conditions

    8.1 Further conditions apply. Please contact your Star Alliance member airline or travel agent for details.

    8.2 The carriage of passengers and baggage is subject to the conditions of carriage of the carriers concerned, copies of which may be requested from each Star Alliance member airline.

    Effective of and last updated on 29 June, 2017



Disclaimer: Star Alliance Services GmbH and the Star Alliance member carriers reserve the right to change the Star Alliance Fare & Discount Product rules displayed on this website at any time without prior notice. Please note that the Star Alliance Fare & Discount Product rules listed above represent only a fraction of the entire Star Alliance Fare & Discount Product rules displayed in the GDS (Global Distribution Systems) used by airline reservations offices and travel agents.In case of discrepancy at the time of ticket purchase between the Star Alliance Fare & Discount Product rules displayed above and in the GDS, the latter shall prevail. Please refer to the respective GDS for full display of the Star Alliance Fare & Discount Product rules.Status as of June 2017