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Munich - Germany

No German city is better known for relishing the culture of eating and drinking than Munich. Spending hard-earned cash on culinary extravagances has become second nature to the locals. The city boasts several restaurants ranging from the good to the very good, however it should be noted that the quality of the cooking is not the only thing that is high, the prices are fixed accordingly. Restaurants are mostly located in the inner city areas: Altstadt, Schwabing, Maxvorstadt and Isarvorstadt.

Luxury Dining The flagship of Munich's gastronomical community is Tantris, which has won several awards by the Michelin Guide critics. Munich's luxury restaurants also includes small and intimate places with a loyal regular customer base; such as Boettner, which has remained true to its elegant tradition for generations, as well as Kleinschmidtz, which has in recent years successfully transformed itself from a wine merchants into a popular venue for those in the know.

Traditional Fare Of course Munich is not without its share of traditional Bavarian cooking and is famous for its roast pork, dumplings, cabbage and white sausages. Those who fear the tourist crowds of the famous Hofbräuhaus should head for the Andechser am Dom, where they serve beer brewed by monks at the Andechs Monastery, 50 kilometres outside Munich. Traditional dishes from Upper Bavaria, prepared in the good old-fashioned way are available at Weißes Bräuhaus. For those who have had their fill of Bavarian beer, there are always the fine wines of the Pfälzer Weinprobierstube.

International International cuisine is served at Hunsinger Pacific, which offers "Fusion Cooking" and a luxurious ambiance, at the higher end of the price scale. Slightly lower prices but a higher perspective are offered by the Metropolitan, where you can enjoy an outstanding view over Marienplatz and the town hall.

Ristoranti italiani Some consider Munich to be "Italy's northern-most city", which is confirmed by the sheer number of Italian restaurants. Pizza at Bei Mario, traditional Italian cooking at Osteria Italiana and the unique Italian way of life at Acquarello to name but a few.

Cuisine française Unimpressed by Italian domination of the culinary landscape, the French influence is also at work here: Chez Philippe is more like a living room, serving delicacies by our western neighbours. Fans loyal to La Bretagne treasure it for the freshly prepared fish dishes from the Atlantic and Mediterranean.

Cocina española The Spanish taste for fish has also left its mark on Munich, in cosy restaurants with a relaxed and laid-back feel to them, such as Casa de Tapas or the earthly Andalusian El Perro y el Griego.

Asian Those who relish a skilfully prepared fish dish should try one of the Japanese restaurants - their numbers are increasing rapidly in Munich as Sushi becomes more and more popular. Good Sushi restaurants include Sushi Zen and Tokami. Other options for fans of Asian cooking are Hong Kong Bar, Man Fat (Chinese) and Shida (Thai) or the Indian Tandoori and Ganga.

American Dining Even the USA has gastronomical ambassadors in Munich, they include; Munich's First Diner, Leo's Lounge and Dillinger. Young people congregate in the fashionable Tex-Mex bars such as Enchilada, Tijuana and Zapata.

Other Eateries Away from the noisy crowds of the trendy bars, Greek and Turkish restaurants are pleasant places for families. Schwimmkrabbe is a favourite meeting place for locals, and Lucullus has the additional appeal of reasonable prices. Specialties from the African continent are to be had at the Blue Nile as well as Sahara City, which also offers the dubious pleasure of water pipe smoking. Those who have tried and tested it all should perhaps head for the land down under, Outland, offers the exotics of Australian cuisine.
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