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Buenos Aires - Argentina

Buenos Aires Country: Argentina

Buenos Aires By The Numbers:

Population: 3,000,000 (city); 13,000,000 (metro area). Ethnic mix: 95% Caucasian, 5% other. Land area: 1,687 square miles/ 4,326 square kilometres Country dialing code: 54. Area code: 11. Average summer temperature: 84 degrees F/ 29 degrees C Average winter temperature: 57 degrees F/ 14 degrees C Annual rainfall: 37 inches/ 91 centimetres

Quick Facts:

Official language: Spanish Major industries: cattle, oil, textiles, steel. Currency: Peso (ARA) and centavos (100 to a peso). Religion: Majority (90%) Roman Catholic. Time zone: GMT—3. Electricity: 220 volts AC, 50Hz; two-round-pin plugs are standard.

Did You Know?

Avenida 9 de Julio, wandering through the centre of the Microcentre (downtown) is the widest street in the world at an imposing sixteen lanes. .


Stretching out along the shores of the wide mouthed Rio La Plata delta out onto the western plains (pampas), Buenos Aires is the capital and largest city (ninth largest in the world) of Argentina. But the country's economic, cultural and political centre could easily be confused with a metropolis staring out at the Mediterranean due to its distinctive European architecture spread throughout the numerous barrios and the seemingly endless tree ensconced broad boulevards peppered with cafes. Of course, the strong European roots buried in the foundation of the city have not hindered the portenos (locals) from finding their own sexy cultural identity, and this can be seen in many facets including the tango. Although the recent financial collapse and president-by-number calamity has taken a bit of shine off the city, it is again on the rise as a favored tourist destination.
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